What Types of Commercial Insurance Products Are Available?

Insurance policies are the best way to prevent serious financial loss happening from incidents and accidents with vehicles, property damage or theft. It will also protect employees health and life with excellent, affordable group policies. Below are a few of the commercial insurance products you may find beneficial to your business.

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Health Insurance

A group health Insurance policy will cover you, your family, employees and their families. Affordable health insurance is a hot topic and the ability to find a policy that matches healthcare needs in a price range that all can handle is a plus. There are also health insurance policies that can cover you and your family if you happen to be a sole proprietor.

Life Insurance

No one wants to leave their family in a financial bind if they pass away. Group life insurance is a way to help your employees plan for a brighter financial future. Choose from products like whole life, or term. It is an affordable way to make sure the funds are available to take care of the people left behind. The high costs of final expenses can leave the families of you and your families struggling to get back on even financial footing.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Liability insurance is required for commercial vehicles, much like a personal automobile. You can also get collision/comprehensive, uninsured motorist and a full line of vehicle insurance products at an affordable rate. You can be sure that your business is covered from the liability of an unexpected accident.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance helps protect your assets from theft, fire, flood and other types of loss. It will give you peace of mind that no matter what happens, your business is fully covered.

Workers Compensation Insurance

The government requires all employers to carry workers compensation insurance to cover the injury of any and all employees. It will help minimize the possibility of lawsuits if an accident occurs and your employee gets hurt. It helps prevent business loss from serious injuries, or death of employees.

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For over two months: No woman guards at SPPU girls’ hostel complex

For the last couple of months, woman students at the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) hostel have been facing a serious problem. A couple of months ago, nearly 125 security guards, including women personnel, were asked to leave after their contracts expired. The staffers, including women security guards posted at each of the nine hostel buildings, also left.

SPPU, SPPU college, SPPU girls hostel, woman guard, woman security, pune college, education, indian express news, pune newsResidents of the hostel said that earlier, the job of the woman security guard was not just guarding the building, but also patrolling each floor to see if students needed something. They also accompanied handymen and workers who visited the hostel to carry out minor repairs in the girls’ rooms.


The immediate impact of the discontinuation of their service is that the number of security staffers at the hostel complex has reduced. We do have security at the main entrance gate but inside the complex, there are fewer security guards. Given the recent incidents that have raised concerns about security… this is one issue that should be looked into,” said one of hostel residents.

Students said the woman security guards were also responsible for turning off the water supply to the tank in the evenings.

“Almost on a daily basis, there is some issue or the other in the girls’ hostels. Sometimes the fan stops working, sometimes it’s the taps and so on… earlier, the woman security guards would accompany the workers who came here to carry out the repairs. Now, there are male personnel but we must say they are careful. Usually, they send a woman housekeeping staff with the workers, but the staff’s duty hours are only till the afternoon,” said another student.

However, not all students are unhappy with the absence of woman security guards. “I am glad they are not here as some of them were annoying. They would make rounds of the floors and if they found items such as water heaters, they would confiscate them and give them to the rector. They also used to be very strict about us not bringing our friends inside campus but with them gone, the male staffers are more accommodating,” said one of the hostel residents.

But SPPU Registrar Narendra Kadu admitted that the absence of woman security guards at the girls’ hostel complex was worrying. “The problem is that earlier we used to do e-tendering and appoint a security agency by contract. The last security agency’s contract term ended on December 31 and after that, we were told to hire through the Guard Board, which is a government agency. Of the 100-plus staff that we had under contract earlier, the board selected only 40, and others levelled serious allegations in the selection process. So, we couldn’t recruit even the 40 guards selected… Of late, we have been writing to the state government, to allow us to do e-tendering as we need security staff, but we are yet to get permission for that,” he said.

As an interim arrangement, Kadu said the varsity administration created the post of additional chief rector; a woman has been appointed to the post and she lives inside the hostel complex.

“The girls have been told to approach her if they face any issues. Besides that, we have appointed nine woman professors as wardens and asked them to visit the hostels at least once every day, to ensure that students don’t have complaints and can discuss their issues with woman staffers. However, from the point of view of security, I agree that we need woman security guards inside the girls’ hostel,” he added.

Conversion Optimization 101: Simple Strategies That Will Help You Earn A Bigger Bottom Line

If conversion optimization is your top priority for 2017, now is the perfect time to begin thinking critically about what steps you might take to enhance your organization’s bottom line. Below you will find just three of many strategies that can help your company enhance its revenue-generating potential:

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  1. Hire A Business Consulting Firm.

Hiring a business consulting firm is a great way to take your company’s conversion rates to a new height. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that skilled business consultants can implement changes that increase your organization’s ability to generate revenue. An example would be sales training. Business consulting companies such as KEYGroup are also skilled in helping clients learn about managing millennials in the workplace. When you’re ready to locate the perfect business consulting firm, make sure that the company in question has consistently received positive online reviews from former and/or current customers.

  1. Optimize Your Marketing Process.

Another strategy you can deploy to optimize your company’s conversion rates in 2017 is enhancing your marketing process. This approach is incredibly empowering because it ensures that you will be connecting with the people who are most likely to want to invest in your brand. There are all types of advertising services you can seek out to attain this brand-building outcome. One type is traditional marketing. This type of advertising involves things like brochures, TV ads, and radio commercials.

Another form of marketing you should consider is digital advertising. This format can include things like web design and development, social media optimization, content marketing, online reputation management, and search engine optimization. This type of advertising will likely become increasingly important in 2017 now that online shopping is a new normal.

  1. Make Employee Development A Must.

One final technique you should deploy to optimize your company’s conversion rates is making employee development a must. When you help your staff members grow personally and professionally, you’ll see all types of positive workplace changes that directly or indirectly contribute to a better bottom line. For example, implementing employee development strategies like ongoing trainings shows your staff that you are genuinely interested in their growth. Once they realize this, they are much more likely to be loyal to your company and work harder to make it successful.

Start The Conversion Optimization Process Immediately!

If you’re ready to optimize your company’s conversion rates, you can begin the process now. Use the techniques outlined above to help your organization start attaining an incredible bottom line!

All About IFRS Certification Course

The chartered accounts are a subject which handles accountancy and finance. There are many examinations are conducted to become a complete auditor. Therefore, the candidate should go through all the examinations without fail. Among that, the IFRS is considered as an examination in CA. The term IFRS is called as International Financing Reporting Standards. This course will explain about the basics of accountancy and financing. It will lead the candidate to enhance their accounts knowledge well. These certification courses are offered in many places. The candidates can make use of this course for their future life.

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What the course is about?

The IFRS certification course is commonly useful for the candidates who are interested in studying the accounts subject. This is basically introduced for the accounts and finance. The course will explain in detail about the finance and accounts standards and rules to be followed during the auditing. This IFRS course is a set of accounting standards developed by the International Accounting Standard Boards (IASB). The main aim of this organization is to make the standardization among the companies regarding their economic way. The accounting and financing statements are specified detail in this course. It will help to lead the companies in a proper side to enhance their economic growth.

The course objectives

This course will be teaching some main objectives to the candidates during this course. They are mentioned below,

  • Conceptual of financing statements.
  • Country by country reporting.
  • Differential reporting.
  • Global financing crisis.
  • Accounting technique.
  • Financing instruments.
  • Accounting policies.
  • Changes in calculations and errors.
  • Presentations of financing statements.

These are the subjects which are included in this course. This will help the candidate to know more about this course. They can also train completely about all the above-mentioned topics.

Who can do this course?

The candidates who are eligible to learn this course is mentioned below.

  • A graduate who completed their accountancy courses.
  • Any person who have interest in accountancy or finance subjects.

The benefits of this course

After the completion of this IFRS for SMES course Philadelphia, the candidates can expect the following benefits,

  • Understand the basics of finance and accountancy.
  • Know the tricks used in the accountancy.
  • Chartered accounts can be handled without any issues.
  • Proper management can be done in finance.
  • Decisions made by the candidate will be useful in finance.
  • The auditing knowledge will be developed.
  • Solutions will be easily made in auditing.


This IFRS certification course can either be learning in online or offline mode. This is absolutely decided by the candidates. As per the convenience of the candidate, the lessons will be taught.  Before they want to join in this course, the candidate should find the best institutions to learn this course. The institutions which are selected by the candidate should have expertise staffs to teach this course. This course will take 60 hours to complete this course. The candidate should get passed the certification exams which are conducted by the institutions.

Highest Paid Government Jobs in India

Government jobs are known for their facilities with high payments and top level positions are synonymous with even greater salaries, perks, facilities and conveniences. Achievements and accomplishments require certain degree of patience, hardwork and skills and if you are able to master it, then no one can stop you toward achieving your goals of getting the highest paid government jobs in India. Let’s take a look at them in detail:-


PSU Jobs

When high salaries and accommodation becomes the norm, then it has to be PSU jobs where Indian Oil Corporation has set annual package at 8-9 lakhs while Coal India Limited pays even higher at 10 lakhs.

Civil Service Officer

When power, salary and perks combine together, then CSO jobs popularly referred as I.A.S gets over 2 lakhs per month (inclusive of all). Their role as cabinet secretaries are high reputed recognized, esteemed and important as well.

University Professors

The onus of taking quality education forward rests with teachers whose exemplary knowledge and will power to create an informative and fruitful country isn’t hidden from anyone. Considering their level of expertise and extensive knowledge base and the professional necessities they have acquired in their initial level, they are bound to be paid according to their caliber and skills. It is here that the average salary of a professor in a higher secondary education is roughly over 9, 00,000 per year. So, you can’t possibly deny the associated facilities with reputation cementing your finances along with building a healthy country in the process as well.

Defense Jobs

There can’t be a better way to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment by applying in the increasing numbers of defense jobs which are booming currently in Navy, Army and Air force. Yes, prior to applying them, you need to clear NDA or CDS. Considering the salary which is quite awesome at 65,000 on monthly basis with lots of perks such as house rent allowance, transport allowance, military service pay, grade pay, basic pay, DA, tech pay etc. So, do your duty and feel blessed to be a part of a responsible citizen as well.


The banking job is another esteemed profession where Class 1 officers are promised to get over 8 lakhs on monthly basis. Central government releases 1000’s of job vacancies in banking sector so many job aspirants are willing to apply in banking sector. If you are looking for Upcoming Bank Exams Notification 2017, you may join our newsletter and we’ll keep updated you on this.

Final thoughts

Place yourself amidst luxury, convenience, facilities and handsome salary. Yes, these are the dream jobs for everyone. Let’s work for accomplishing your goals and success will surely be all yours in no time as well.

Arc Flash Basics

NFPA 70E is the National Fire Protection Agency’s standard for the protection of electrical workers against arc flash injuries. Arc flash occurs when electricity jumps, or arcs, from one surface to another. Injuries can occur whenever a person is working on or near energized electrical equipment. Workers can suffer severe injuries or death not only from electric shock, but from severe burns as well. They can also be struck by flying shrapnel. If they are working from a ladder or other elevated surface, an arc flash can cause them to be blown off, causing injuries from falls.


An evaluation known as a Hazard/Risk Category (HRC) Assessment is a necessary element of an arc flash protection program. During this study, each piece of equipment is evaluated by individuals qualified to do the assessment in order to determine the risk level. The equipment then falls into one of four categories, based on the potential energy level of an arc flash, should one occur. The energy is calculated in terms of calories per square centimeter (Cal/cm^2) that a flash could create. The categories are then referred to as HRC 1 through HRC 4. The calories per square centimeter for each category are as follows:
• HRC 1: 4 Cal/cm^2
• HRC 2: 8 Cal/cm^2
• HRC 3: 25 Cal/cm^2
• HRC 4: 40 Cal/cm^2
The higher the category number, the more personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed for live electrical work on that equipment. The lowest category level simply requires a flame retardant shirt and pants while the highest requires multiple layers of protection including a full flash suit.


Arc flash training is critical for any program to be effective at protecting workers from injuries that could occur while working on energized electrical equipment. This, as well as the risk assessment, is where many employers turn to outside resources for help. Organizations like Facility Results have the expertise to assist employers develop a program and conduct training that fully complies with the NFPA 70E requirements. Regardless of how thorough the risk assessment is or how much PPE is on hand, employees will not be protected unless they are trained. A successful training program will ensure workers know how to recognize the hazards and how to protect themselves against them.

Students protest against tuition fees

The “grants not debt” march came to a stop outside the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

A small number of demonstrators dressed in black and with scarves over their faces confronted police and a firework was set off.

The protestors were calling for a “free education”.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police said a “small number of smoke bombs and eggs were thrown at police outside BIS”.

They said there were 12 arrests for public order offences.

Thousands of students had marched through central London, with chants and placards attacking the cost of going to university.

Earlier Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sent a message of support for the cause of abolishing tuition fees and shadow chancellor John McDonnell addressed the students before the rally.


“Your generation has been betrayed by this government in increases to tuition fees, in scrapping the education maintenance allowance and cuts in education,” Mr McDonnell said.

“Education is a gift from one generation to another, it is not a commodity to be bought and sold,” he told marchers.

John McDonnell
Image captionJohn McDonnell addressed the students ahead of the march

The National Campaign Against Cuts and Fees said that students from campuses around the country took part in the demonstration.

It wants to remove tuition fees, currently up to £9,000 per year in England, and to reverse a decision to convert means-tested maintenance grants into repayable loans.

‘More funding’

“The government is impoverishing the poorest students for minimal gains,” said the campaign’s Callum Cant.

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Media captionStudents protesting against fees gathered outside BIS in Westminster

“It is an attack on the least privileged students which doesn’t save much money and causes misery.

“It is austerity which targets the poorest students. Our worry is that it will make university a lot more inaccessible.”

Student protest 
Image captionThe students want to abolish fees and reinstate maintenance grants

But a spokesman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, which is responsible for universities, said it was “committed to ensuring everyone with the potential to benefit from higher education has the opportunity to do so, regardless of their background”.

The student funding system was operated so that “lack of finance should not be a barrier to participation and more funding is available to support living costs than ever before”.

Harvard to soon have Tamil chair

CHENNAI: Harvard University could soon house a department dedicated to Tamil if an initiative taken by two India-born doctors in the US bears fruit. The Ivy League university which has a 100-year-old Sanskrit chair has now shown interest in constituting a Sangam Tamil chair.

Harvard University, located at Cambridge in Massachusetts, has demanded a fund of $6 million (around 40 crore) to form the chair. Physicians in the US, Dr Janakiraman and Dr Thirugnanasambandam, who have together donated $1 million, are in the city to raise rest of the fund from Tamil-speakers. Thirugnanasambandam, born and raised in Kumbakonam, said, “There are more than 2 lakh Tamil speakers in the United States but no formal institution to teach the language. It is only taught in some private institutes within Tamil-speaking communities.”

Upon setting up of the chair, Harvard will institute an international search to find a Tamil scholar who would inspire and promote world-class research. A member of Harvard University Tamil Chair Foundation Committee, Dr Arumugam, said, “The chair will be a boon for graduates and research students of Tamil.” Research findings will be published in revered journals of the 380-year old institution, he said.

The Celtic languages, spoken by about 15 lakh people, have two chairs at Harvard. “Tamil is more than 2,000 years old and spoken by over eight crore people. We hope to raise the fund within six months,” Gnanasambandam said.

Dr A Jahir Husain, who translated the Thirukkural into Arabic on a Tamil Nadu government funding earlier this year, has welcomed the initiative to constitute a chair for Tamil. “The proposition is very significant for the development of the language and its distinct culture in the world stage,” he said.

The foundation committee members are also in talks with the state and the Central governments for support.

They have also set up a website, harvardtamilchair.com, to inform donors.

Most Indians prefer engineering as a career option

Most Indians prefer engineering as a career option: Report
People in India, USA and Germany have rated engineering as a top career opportunity.

MUMBAI: Even as there are multiple career options, about 80 per cent of Indian students are interested in engineering as they believe that the profession offers high-earning potential and the opportunity to contribute to innovations, according to a report.

In countries with growing economies, engineering holds huge attraction for the next generation, a global report commissioned by Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering said.

“For example, in both India and Turkey, around 80 per cent of 16-17 year olds say they are interested in engineering,” it added.

In India, the interest in engineering was basically matched by the belief that the profession offers high-earning potential and the opportunity to contribute to innovations, as well as the belief that engineering is an interesting and stimulating career, it said.

“I am reassured the ‘Create the Future’ report confirms engineering outputs are valued around the world and considered genuinely life-changing. I take heart in the number of people who see engineering as a great way to contribute to society,” Dr Robert Langer, winner of the 2015 Queen Elizabeth Prize, said.

The inaugural ‘Create the Future’ report of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is an international survey of attitudes towards engineering, surveying respondents in global centres for engineering including USA, Germany, Japan, Turkey, India and Brazil.

Narayana Murthy, Founder, Infosys, India said, “Globalisation is changing things. While much of the developed world continues to experience moderate interest in engineering careers, emerging economies are providing a new breeding ground for engineers.”

People in India, USA and Germany have rated engineering as a top career opportunity.

Other favoured professions include business leader,lawyer, doctor and teacher, the report revealed.

It stated that the interest in engineering remains higher amongst men (66 per cent) compared to women (43 per cent).

“Whilst more men than women in all countries show an interest in engineering, the gap in interest is smallest in emerging economies such as India, Turkey, China and Brazil. UK, Japan and South Africa show the greatest difference,” it said.

The report revealed that 57 per cent believe engineering is critical in solving the world’s problems, particularly in USA, UK and Germany.

But in Japan, engineering is seen as a driver of innovation.

The report further said that most people think engineers’ contribution to society is undervalued, they deserve much more recognition.

“About 71 per cent claim that their country’s engineers do not receive the recognition they deserve for their contribution to society,” it added.

Governor orders inquiry into irregularities by Amravati University VC

AMRAVATI: The governor of Maharashtra and chancellor of the state universities, acting on complaints filed by Eknath Khadse, the then leader of the state assembly and now revenue minister, has instituted a two-member committee to probe the alleged 2 crore fraud committed by former Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University vice chancellor Dr Kamal Singh in the purchase of computers.

In a GR issued by higher and technical education department on October 13, 2015, Dr Subhash Mahajan, director, technical education, and Dr Shailendra Devalankar, joint director (headquarters), higher education, Pune, have been nominated to probe the complaints lodged by Eknath Khadse on December 18, 2013, and December 16, 2014, and submit their report to the government in a month’s time.

This is the first case of its kind in the state where a chancellor has instituted inquiry for alleged financial fraud against a vice chancellor.

Dr Kamal Singh had bought computer hardware worth about 1.40 crore from DTH (Direct to Home), a Pune based company run by the wife of Padmashree Vijay Bhatkar, without entering into an agreement with the company. She even forced the then finance officer to make the payment to the said company and then approached the management council for approval of the purchase.

However, the management council summarily rejected the VC’s proposal and resolved against making any payment to any agency without signing the contract. The council had then noted that since the contract was not signed before it, no payment should be made to any company. However, the VC overruled the decision of the management council and made payment to DTH, ignoring even the negative remarks of the finance officer and storekeeper.

She had then placed the agreement for the purchase of software from the said company before the management council and it was signed on the condition of paying 50% of the software amount to the party on the receipt of software from the company, another 20% after imparting training to the staff, next 20% on successful installation and remaining 10% after ensuring its smooth functioning. Though payment of 60 lakh was also made to DTH, no software was installed.

This dubious purchase, done with brazen flouting of rules and codes, had raised a great hue and cry, prompting the then leader of the opposition in the state assembly Eknath Khadse to lodge a complaint with the governor. After receiving Khadse’s second complaint on December 16, 2014, the governor’s office had reportedly sought an explanation from the varsity, but it had reportedly not sent all the details. After the chancellor’s secretary adopted a stern stand, the varsity submitted the complete papers to the chancellor’s office. It was after the inspection of those papers that a full inquiry has been ordered against Dr Kamal Singh.