3 Important Concepts for Educators to Teach

Educators always have and always will hold one of the most important roles in society. Whether you are an elementary school teacher or a college professor, you are in a position to influence though and encourage critical dialogue. Nothing could be more important in times of political unrest, and there is no denying that our current political state qualifies as such. In order to fully realize your potential and maximize the impact you have on your students, you should be deliberate in plans to communicate important topics. Doing so can make all the difference in students’ views of political responsibility.

These three concepts are vital to the classroom and to students’ knowledge. If you truly want to make a difference in the lives of those you teach, empower them to engage critically with their government and society. They will be better equipped to do so after learning these ideas.

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The Role of Citizens

Many people have fallen into the dangerous assumption that their vote and their input does not matter in the outcome of events. This has led to nearly half of all citizens who would be eligible to vote neglecting the opportunity to do so. This infographic illustrates effectively why votes do matter. In it, the past several elections are explained and it is revealed what an influence swing states have on the results. Regardless of what state you live in, however, students should be encouraged to be politically active and invested in the governmental processes they have a say in.

The Impact of Activism

Many people are also discovering the power of activism and the impact it can have. Another infographic illustrating the rise of millennial activism shows that more young people are getting involved and advocating for the issues they care about deeply. Political involvement is at the root of such efforts, so in encouraging your students to be informed, you should empower them to speak out, too. Building up the next generation of change makers is the only shot we have at making the world a better place, and as a teacher, you are in the role to do so.

The Political System

In order to exercise rights as a citizen and make an impact through activism, one must understand how the political systems in the country work. This is the only way to navigate them effectively. As an educator, you can give your students the power to achieve both of the aforementioned tasks by acquainting them with the basic structures and processes that govern our nation. The more students understand, the better they will be able to use these systems for good. You can directly encourage the development of these goals through education and access to vital information.

No matter what political stance you maintain, you surely want the next generation to be informed and empowered when it comes to making political decisions. As an educator, you have much ability to ensure this happens. Keep these three concepts in mind if you want to leverage your position and use it to teach students about important political ideas.

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