CBSE exams 2017: Smart tips to prepare for Biology paper

CBSE will conduct Biology paper on April 5. Here are some tips for students on how to score well in the paper.

cbse, cbse bio paper, cbse date sheet, bio paper 2017, biology 2017 paper tips, bio sample paper, bio paper dates, cbse 2017, education news1) Concentrate on NCERT content for the board exam preparation as the question paper is designed out of NCERT content.

2) Most of the process-based content should be prepared in the form of flow-charts and experiment set-ups and structure description can be prepared in the form of diagrams.

3) While preparing content, handy notes can be prepared where important terms/keywords related to a particular topic should be included as while evaluating weightage is given to the usage of specific terms.

4) Before you start preparing a chapter, segregate the complete chapter into graph study, diagrams and other illustrations, structure-description and processes. This will help you prepare the chapter more comprehensively.

5) Do as many sample papers with proper analysis for your performance in those tests. This will help you understand the specific lacunae in the preparation of a particular topic. Also you will be able to make out if you are uncomfortable with specific mode of questions (skill based, application based, HOTS, etc.)

6) To deal with a topic which you feel is difficult and most of the times you fail to attempt questions related to that topic, teach it to one of your friends. This will improve your understanding of the topic.

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