Smartest Study Tips for Tough Engineering Exams – Identify how to grab the renowned Engineering career

JEE, the engineering entrance exam, being conducted at the national level, the competition is bound to be very high. These reputed institutions no doubt will give an excellent push to a brilliant career. But to crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams one should draw smart study plans and know better preparation techniques. JEE Main exam is for the candidates who wish to get admission to IIT, NIT and other centrally funded technical institutes. JEE Advanced exam on the other hand is for candidates who seek admission to IIT architectural courses; of course one should first clear JEE Main exam.


Quality not Quantity of Study is important

Often the words like “I study for 6 to 7 hours a day but could not crack JEE, whereas that guy studied only 3 to 4 hours had succeeded” are heard. In this instant, what we should understand is that the quality of study plan is most vital. Study plans should include:

  • Have a precise plan for the topics that are covered for a day, week and month and stick to that plan. If the initial plan goes wrong, rearrange it immediately and accordingly
  • Preparing notes for the topics that you have already covered. These notes will help you to recap at later stage for the exam
  • Solving at least one or two practice papers, sample papers, mock tests and previous year’s gives you confidence and also you will where you stand

Choose right study materials

Choose the right books and materials in the starting itself. Selecting a material that encompasses the entire JEE Main syllabus is crucial and it should be as per the latest JEE pattern.  JEE video lectures are also very helpful as they save your precious time. There are number of books and materials available for free as well as for purchasing. You can decide on them early and start preparations. Since JEE Advanced contains a few extra topics, you need to need to have in-depth knowledge of concepts and their applications.

Preparation Strategies

While there can be many strategies to prepare for an exam, you should draw your own strategies and study plans which suits you the best. The ultimate aim should be sticking to the strategies and plans to reach the goal that you have envisaged.

  • While taking mock tests, first focus on completing all the questions. This will help you to improve speed.
  • Next focus on combining speed and accuracy. One should understand that this kind of proficiency can be achieved easily by repeated and dedicated hard work.
  • Consistency and sticking to daily routines are very important points for preparation

Get Help in all possible ways

You can indulge in group studies for preparation. This will of course help to get ideas of other students and every one share knowledge, ideas and tips. Sometimes when you explain a particular topic to other students you will also gain better confidence on that topic. Talk to your teachers, well wishers and the students who have already cracked JEE exam. Their valuable inputs can be of immense value for your preparation.

Plan Smartly

While managing your time for sticking to your study plan is important, set aside some time for recreational activities as well. Little bit of exercise, playing one or two computer games can give more relaxation to you. Having a smart revision plan will give you lot of assurance to face the exam.

Take care of minor things

Eat properly by including healthy items into your food. Never miss out breakfast, lunch or dinner thinking that you will feel sleepy if you take food. You can perform relaxation and breathing exercises and utilize utmost of your break periods.

Having discussed all the plans and tips to crack the JEE exam, being positive is one of the major criteria. Never allow negative thoughts to invade your mind. Know that word “IMPOSSIBLE” can be interrupted as “I M POSSIBLE”.

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