All About IFRS Certification Course

The chartered accounts are a subject which handles accountancy and finance. There are many examinations are conducted to become a complete auditor. Therefore, the candidate should go through all the examinations without fail. Among that, the IFRS is considered as an examination in CA. The term IFRS is called as International Financing Reporting Standards. This course will explain about the basics of accountancy and financing. It will lead the candidate to enhance their accounts knowledge well. These certification courses are offered in many places. The candidates can make use of this course for their future life.

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What the course is about?

The IFRS certification course is commonly useful for the candidates who are interested in studying the accounts subject. This is basically introduced for the accounts and finance. The course will explain in detail about the finance and accounts standards and rules to be followed during the auditing. This IFRS course is a set of accounting standards developed by the International Accounting Standard Boards (IASB). The main aim of this organization is to make the standardization among the companies regarding their economic way. The accounting and financing statements are specified detail in this course. It will help to lead the companies in a proper side to enhance their economic growth.

The course objectives

This course will be teaching some main objectives to the candidates during this course. They are mentioned below,

  • Conceptual of financing statements.
  • Country by country reporting.
  • Differential reporting.
  • Global financing crisis.
  • Accounting technique.
  • Financing instruments.
  • Accounting policies.
  • Changes in calculations and errors.
  • Presentations of financing statements.

These are the subjects which are included in this course. This will help the candidate to know more about this course. They can also train completely about all the above-mentioned topics.

Who can do this course?

The candidates who are eligible to learn this course is mentioned below.

  • A graduate who completed their accountancy courses.
  • Any person who have interest in accountancy or finance subjects.

The benefits of this course

After the completion of this IFRS for SMES course Philadelphia, the candidates can expect the following benefits,

  • Understand the basics of finance and accountancy.
  • Know the tricks used in the accountancy.
  • Chartered accounts can be handled without any issues.
  • Proper management can be done in finance.
  • Decisions made by the candidate will be useful in finance.
  • The auditing knowledge will be developed.
  • Solutions will be easily made in auditing.


This IFRS certification course can either be learning in online or offline mode. This is absolutely decided by the candidates. As per the convenience of the candidate, the lessons will be taught.  Before they want to join in this course, the candidate should find the best institutions to learn this course. The institutions which are selected by the candidate should have expertise staffs to teach this course. This course will take 60 hours to complete this course. The candidate should get passed the certification exams which are conducted by the institutions.

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