Highest Paid Government Jobs in India

Government jobs are known for their facilities with high payments and top level positions are synonymous with even greater salaries, perks, facilities and conveniences. Achievements and accomplishments require certain degree of patience, hardwork and skills and if you are able to master it, then no one can stop you toward achieving your goals of getting the highest paid government jobs in India. Let’s take a look at them in detail:-


PSU Jobs

When high salaries and accommodation becomes the norm, then it has to be PSU jobs where Indian Oil Corporation has set annual package at 8-9 lakhs while Coal India Limited pays even higher at 10 lakhs.

Civil Service Officer

When power, salary and perks combine together, then CSO jobs popularly referred as I.A.S gets over 2 lakhs per month (inclusive of all). Their role as cabinet secretaries are high reputed recognized, esteemed and important as well.

University Professors

The onus of taking quality education forward rests with teachers whose exemplary knowledge and will power to create an informative and fruitful country isn’t hidden from anyone. Considering their level of expertise and extensive knowledge base and the professional necessities they have acquired in their initial level, they are bound to be paid according to their caliber and skills. It is here that the average salary of a professor in a higher secondary education is roughly over 9, 00,000 per year. So, you can’t possibly deny the associated facilities with reputation cementing your finances along with building a healthy country in the process as well.

Defense Jobs

There can’t be a better way to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment by applying in the increasing numbers of defense jobs which are booming currently in Navy, Army and Air force. Yes, prior to applying them, you need to clear NDA or CDS. Considering the salary which is quite awesome at 65,000 on monthly basis with lots of perks such as house rent allowance, transport allowance, military service pay, grade pay, basic pay, DA, tech pay etc. So, do your duty and feel blessed to be a part of a responsible citizen as well.


The banking job is another esteemed profession where Class 1 officers are promised to get over 8 lakhs on monthly basis. Central government releases 1000’s of job vacancies in banking sector so many job aspirants are willing to apply in banking sector. If you are looking for Upcoming Bank Exams Notification 2017, you may join our newsletter and we’ll keep updated you on this.

Final thoughts

Place yourself amidst luxury, convenience, facilities and handsome salary. Yes, these are the dream jobs for everyone. Let’s work for accomplishing your goals and success will surely be all yours in no time as well.

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