What Types of Commercial Insurance Products Are Available?

Insurance policies are the best way to prevent serious financial loss happening from incidents and accidents with vehicles, property damage or theft. It will also protect employees health and life with excellent, affordable group policies. Below are a few of the commercial insurance products you may find beneficial to your business.

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Health Insurance

A group health Insurance policy will cover you, your family, employees and their families. Affordable health insurance is a hot topic and the ability to find a policy that matches healthcare needs in a price range that all can handle is a plus. There are also health insurance policies that can cover you and your family if you happen to be a sole proprietor.

Life Insurance

No one wants to leave their family in a financial bind if they pass away. Group life insurance is a way to help your employees plan for a brighter financial future. Choose from products like whole life, or term. It is an affordable way to make sure the funds are available to take care of the people left behind. The high costs of final expenses can leave the families of you and your families struggling to get back on even financial footing.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Liability insurance is required for commercial vehicles, much like a personal automobile. You can also get collision/comprehensive, uninsured motorist and a full line of vehicle insurance products at an affordable rate. You can be sure that your business is covered from the liability of an unexpected accident.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance helps protect your assets from theft, fire, flood and other types of loss. It will give you peace of mind that no matter what happens, your business is fully covered.

Workers Compensation Insurance

The government requires all employers to carry workers compensation insurance to cover the injury of any and all employees. It will help minimize the possibility of lawsuits if an accident occurs and your employee gets hurt. It helps prevent business loss from serious injuries, or death of employees.

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